Preacher Continues with Fervor’s Vintage Vinyl

Preacher-AMCbowling ball mack fields150x150Lloyd Conger_Your Kind of Love150x150Roy Wayne_Honey Won't You Listen150x150

AMC’s adaption of Vertigo Comics “Preacher” continues forging its musical identity with more rarities from Fervor Records. Episode 109: “Call and Response” features 3 Country singles, from 3 labels, from 3 decades including the 1957 Clif Records single “Honey Won’t You Listen” by Roy Wayne, the 1964 Ramco Records Single “Bowling Ball Blues” by Mack Fields, and the 1972 American Sound single “Your Kind Of Love” by Lloyd Conger. Don’t miss episode 109 airing 08.01.16, and click the song titles for a trip back to Country Western heaven.

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