Psych ep707 (USA) Features Chinatown and Goldie a.ka. Marcus Latief Scott

PsychCover_ChinatownMarcus Latief Scott PR Pic

USA is now 7 seasons into Psych, the network’s longest running current original series, and has already been renewed for another season.  Last week’s offering featured two contemporary cuts from Fervor.

Love Me Good by glam revivalists Chinatown brought the flavor of the Sunset Strip to the most recent edition of the American crime/mystery comedy.  The rowdy, rockin’ track is from the Fervor Records release Takin’ It Sleazy.

And you might have also heard the vibey hip hop track We Do It Big, by Goldie a.k.a. Marcus Latief Scott, from the Fervor Records archives.

Check them both out on Psych ep 707 “Deez Nups”, which aired on April 10th.

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