Rob Dyrdek Goes Down Fast With The Rogues

Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, MTV’s hit reality series about a family of skateboarding and extreme stunt innovators/enthusiasts, is chock full of good music to crash to.  By crash, we don’t mean sleeping, but rather insane shenanigans involving foam and half-pipes.  Of course any good punk will certainly fit the bill, and recently the producers came to Fervor for just that.

The Vintage Masters collection boasts a handful of early 80’s rock bands with some quintessential sounds from yesterdecade.  One of them holds down the fort in the “Oi!” department, and that would be The Rogues.  Their aptly titled release Oi! Detroit features a track called “Going Down Fast” which tenderly underscored a wild ride as Rob attempts to ‘skateboard a go-kart’ in practicing for his bigger plan, to ‘skateboard a mustang’.

The episode was the first of Season 3, getting off to a rockin’ good start.  Get a copy of the extreme track on iTunes here.

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