Scary Movie 5 Hits This Weekend With Tarik NuClothes and Marcus Latief Scott In The Mix

Scary Movie VScary Movie 5 hits theaters this weekend, Friday April 12th, and will feature two vivacious hip hop tracks from Fervor Records, plus a deeper cut from the archives, Electricity.  All three selections were produced by John Costello III of JC3 Music and will appear on the official film soundtrack release.

One of them is party anthem Pimp Cup, by Queens, NY rapper Tarik NuClothes.  This and other hard-hitting tracks from from the Fervor Records release Emperor’s NuClothes have also appeared in MTV’s Jersey Shore, Spike’s Blue Mountain State, and more.

Cover_small_Tarik NuClothesThe other cut is How U Girlz Git Down by Marcus Latief Scott, which is slated to be released on a forthcoming follow up to his self-titled 2012 debut.  Marcus Latief PR

Got Me In A Trance (the first song on his current release, Marcus Latief Scott) was heard over the opening scene of last year’s summer horror-flick, Piranha 3DD and was the lead-off tune on the official movie soundtrack album.

Hear both Tarik and a Marcus sneak-peek in the return of the ever-popular horror-comedy-parody Scary Movie franchise this weekend when it launches nationwide.

The star studded cast of this fifth edition includes Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear, Jerry O’Connell, Molly Shannon and more.

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