Sneaky Pete Finds Fervor

sneaky pete x150

Amazon Studios rolls out the Brian Cranston penned series “Sneaky Pete” on Friday the 13th! The show has invited some fine Fervor Records artists along for the ride. Here are the Fervor titles you’ll titles you’ll experience… Episode 100: “Safe” features “Skank A Dank” by Chuck Hall, Episode 105: “Coyote Is Always Hungry” features “Let’s Go For A Ride” by Bill Gordon Trio, and “The Things Above” by CooBee Coo, Episode 106: “Lieutenant Bernhardt” and Episode 107: “The Roll Over” features the Lenny Mack Band’s 1973 classic “You’re So Good For Me.” Start binge watching “Sneaky Pete” tonight on Amazon Prime, and click the song titles to enjoy the music!

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