So Goes My Dream, Life In Pieces

life-in-pieces-season-2-poster ala-moodSeason 2 of CBS the sitcom “Life In Pieces” has picked a 1966 recording by legendary Jazz artist Nadine Jansen. Fervor Records acquired the the entire catalog of Jantone Records, which released much of the late multi-instrumentalist’s work. Jansen was well known for her sultry vocals, and impeccable piano and flugelhorn chops. Episode 203: “Eyebrow Anonymous Trapped Gem” airs November 10th, 2016 and features Nadine’s “So Goes My Dream.” The song was released both as a single and also on Ms. Jansen’s LP “Ala Mood.” Click here to get to know Nadine Jansen via her 1988 interview with Marion McPartland on the long running NPR program “Piano Jazz.”

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