Sundance 2013 Hit Horror Remake Drags Three Vintage Cuts Through The Bloody Spotlight

We Are What We Are, the US remake of the Mexican horror film “Somos lo que Hay”  includes two songs from the Fervor Records release Vintage Country, 1957-1969 and one from the vaults.

“I’ll Pretend” by Glen Morris (1957), and Tommy Strange’s “It Was Me That Made Her Bad” (1967) both appear in the 2013 indie rural psychological thriller film.  The latter is featured in the End Credit sequence.

The film, which has just premiered at Sundance 2013, also has a choice pick from the Fervor archives, Eddie Eldon’s “A Child Alone”.

Already getting tons of praise from critics, this creepy remake from filmmaker Jim Mickle (Stake Land) is being called ‘better than the original’ by’s Eric Kohn and ‘one of the best horror films of 2013’ by

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