Super Stereo #1 on in only 72 hours!

Top 5 was so 3 days ago, move over Pink and Ke$ha!  It’s time for Super Stereo to take the reigns in pop-video-dominance on as their single “Life Passed Me By” has been viewed over 12,000 times since it posted on Monday.  The video is also holding it’s own as #1 most highly rated, the #1 most commented on, and the #2 most shared as of today.

Shot by director Nick Morrison of Astronaut in seedy Brooklyn clubs and on classic rooftops against the Manhattan skyline, this hi-def Red One video is quickly bridging the national gap between the band’s hometown of Tempe, AZ and the cultural mecca it was filmed in.  Check it out for yourself on, and hear more from Super Stereo on their full debut album This Is Futurepop, available now on iTunes.

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