Super Stereo Skyrockets Into Position #4 On has been streaming Super Stereo’s video for their debut single “Life Passed Me By” less than 24 hours and it has already become the #4 most viewed video on the site, the #4 most shared, the #2 most commented and the #3 highest rated.  Futurepop fiends around the world can’t get enough of the hair-whipping dance beats over NYC skylines and Brooklyn club scenes prominent in this uber hi-res effort by director Nick Morrison of Astronaut.  Up-and-coming young actress Daphne Eve Fernberger helps tell the story of lovers separated by space and time as the romantic interest of this track’s lead singer PM Nightly.  Catch her in slo-mo-glo mode throughout the footage, and check out the rest of the band’s material on their full album, This Is Futurepop, available on iTunes.

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