The Carrie Diaries Gets An Impulse From 1983

The Carrie DiariesThe CW recently launched a highly-anticipated series called The Carrie Diaries, which tells the back story of Sex and the City lead character, Carrie Bradshaw and takes place in the early 80’s as she’s coming of age.

The series premiere featured two synth-tastic 80’s tracks from the Fervor vintage archives, and now the producers have plucked another classic cut from catalog for episode 104.  This time it’s the 1983 Bartock & Lansky pop song, Impulse.

Impulse was not commercially released, though was originally slated to be on their 2nd album with MCA Records, and is now part of the Fervor Records archives.

Tune in to the CW on Monday Feb 4th to hear Bartock & Lansky on The Carrie Diaries, at 8/7c.

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