The Souls Have Fervor!

The Souls, The Essentials 1966-1969 In 1964, four young musicians, dubbed The Souls, inked with NYC’s FGG Productions. The talented quartet quickly landed in the studio to record with FGG’s alter egos, The Strangeloves, as well as The McCoys. The band laid down tracks for iconic hits such as I Want Candy  and Hang On Sloopy to name a few. Soon the boys found themselves on tour performing as The Strangeloves! Gigging with with the likes of Chuck Berry and The Beach Boys, they also appeared on Shindig, Shivaree and Where The Action Is. However, the band had plenty of their own creative passion. The prolific foursome were writing and recording their own material and pushing the limits of Rock, Pop and R&B with amazing passion. They soon inked deals as The Sheep with Boom Records and The Poor Souls with Sound Of England Records. Fast forward to 2014 and the unearthing of a treasure trove of The Souls forgotten masters. Fervor Records is now proud to bring you the incredible sound of The Souls on The Essentials 1966 – 1969!  Available on iTunes and worldwide May 19th!

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