When The Sun Goes Down On How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Season 8Cover_The Complete Jetzons

CBS’s Emmy award-winning comedy How I Met Your Mother is nearing the end of its penultimate season and will be airing a new episode on Monday Feb 25th that features a 1983 song by Phoenix New Wave legends The Jetzons.

The song is the slick, driving Duran Duranish synth track When The Sun Goes Down, an extremely rare track that never was released when its sister sessions hit the streets in the Jetzons’ early 80’s debut.  It is now available on the Fervor Records bonus reissue release The Complete Jetzons.

Another Fervor cut called Eye Candy actually appeared in last week’s episode (817) as well, though it is not commercially released.

Often cited as a soundtrack of an era and referenced as mentors by what would become The Gin Blossoms, The Jetzons and their frontman Bruce Connole made a huge impact on the generations that followed.  They were truly at the pinnacle of the Southwestern US music scene in their heyday.

Tune in to CBS next Monday 2/25 to catch HIMYM episdoe 818 “Weekend At Barney’s” and hear the sound of the cutting edge, circa 1983 from The Jetzons.

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