World Of Jenks Goes 2 Tha Top With Tarik NuClothes

World of Jenkscover_TarikNuClothesEmperorsNuClothes

It’s no secret that MTV is known for its spectacular reality shows, in fact, they sort of invented the genre.  But recently, they’ve re-invented it once again with an unusual new series called World Of Jenks.

The documentary show follows adult Andrew Jenks who moves in with a different, highly passionate young person each week, experiencing life from their perspective.

A fairly big hit, World Of Jenks was signed on for a second season, which is scheduled to premiere this Monday March 4th and includes a hard-hitting party rap tune from Tarik NuClothes, 2 Tha Top.

Tarik NuClothes has had numerous tracks from his debut album Emperor’s NuClothes in MTV shows, including Jersey Shore and Good Vibes.

Tune in this Monday March 4th @11pm to hear Tarik NuClothes in MTV’s Season 2 premiere of World Of Jenks.


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