A Futile and Stupid Gesture and Fervor Records


Netflix premieres “A Futile and Stupid Gesture” on January 24th at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. If you can’t make it to Park City, UT. The streaming behemoth won’t make you wait long to see the new comedy, “A Futile and Stupid Gesture” as it debuts on Netflix January 26th! Featured in the film are two Deep Cuts from Fervor Records, 1968’s “Blending Soul” by Soul Blenders, and 1979’s “Hog of the Road” by Z-Cars. “Blending Soul” is contained on Fervor’s double LP “Mid-Century Sounds: Deep Cuts from the Desert,” and “Hog of the Road” is available on the band’s Fervor release “Nicoteen.” Click the links to enjoy!

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