The Professor Has Fervor

Zoey Deutch and Johnny Depp star in “The Professor.” Fervor Records has supplied seven period recordings to the film that date from the early 1950s to the early 1970s. From 1952 and 1955 are Carl Coccomo’s “Parle d’Amore” and “A Veil of Tears,” from 1961 “Lovers Land” by Margaret Lewis With Grace Tennessee and “Angel Of Mine” by Nick Landers, from 1966 “I Love You So Much Julianne” by Chuck Dawson, from 1970 “Gotta Get Away” by Harry Krapsho, and from 1971 “Take Me For What I Am” by Henry Ford.” Fervor is proud to perpetuate the legacies of these fine artists and songwriters. Catch “The Professor” at a theater near you and experience Harry Krapsho on the Fervor Records release “Harry Krapsho Has Got That Feeling” available across Apple, Amazon, Spotify and beyond!

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