Them: The Scare and Fervor Records

Them The Scare Season 2 Poster Version 2

The Prime Video black horror anthology “Them: The Scare” has licensed three additional songs, across three decades, from Fervor Records. Heard in Episode 203: “I’m Gonna Make It” is San Francisco’s Trish Robbins And The Mirrors’ 1975 recording “100 Proof Woman,” The Hoot Gibson Band’s 1988 classic “You Are My Lover,” and “I’m Gonna Make It” from Darlene D’s 1991 Trod Nossel Artists’ LP “Safari Hunter.” Stream “Them: The Scare” on Prime Video and Trish Robbins And The Mirrors on their self-titled Fervor Records release across Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify & beyond!

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