Wild Hearted Woman CD

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Francine Reed delivers Wild Hearted Woman, a deeply soulful album, with all of her legendary charisma. The 10 new songs resonate the deep Gospel, Soul, Blues, and R&B roots that built Reed’s reputation as a featured member of Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. Produced by Andy Gonzales, and mixed by the Platinum award winning producer/engineer Ralph Patlan, Wild Hearted Woman features a stellar line-up of players: Michael Reed, Jennifer Bone, Charity Lockhart & Andy Gonzales: vocals, Jerry Donato & Dave Schmidt, saxophones, Andy Gonzales: guitars, bass, percussion, Tim Sadow: violin & viola, Chris Gough: keyboards, Hans Olson: harmonica, Dennis Monce: trumpet, Robert Scott: drums, and D.R. Wilke: guitars. The first album from Francine Reed in 16 years, don’t miss it!

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