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Cross-Cultural Ska Punk From The Arizona Barrio

Latin Reggae Rock trio Fayuca spent 10 years becoming an overnight success, blending Cumbia rhythms, Spanish lyrics and island grooves with aggressive Punk motifs. From meeting in high school Mariachi classes to launching an MTV video, founding members Raf and Gabo continue to interweave their rich Latin heritage with the skate- punk culture of their generation. Fierce grassroots dedication garnered a coast-to-coast audience and an eventual record deal. On Barrio Sideshow, their Fervor Records debut, the band teamed with platinum producer Ralph Patlan (Jamie Foxx, Megadeth) to create this highly anticipated release. Featuring special guest Jason DeVore of Authority Zero, the album brims with passion, flavor and intensity. Barrio Sideshow transcends boundaries and balances on the crest of a cultural revolution.



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