99 Tales




Let no one underestimate the staying power of a well-crafted song. Sacramento’s 99 Tales embody an indie rock aesthetic that belies their seemingly unheralded career. The band could have easily fit quite perfectly on a bill playing between Archers of Loaf and Belly in the mid-90s and wowed fans around the world, but their path kept them more regional than global. The anthemic “White” from their Queens of Hells Kitchen record is as close to a perfect embodiment of the loud/quiet/loud sound that propelled bands like the Pixies and Nirvana to fame and fortune that any listener will find on Spotify or other similar avenues.

Fronted by singer/guitarist Vince Martini, 99 Tales got their name as an homage to Sacramento punk legends, Tales of Terror. The band played numerous gigs in San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Reno, and Portland during their career and 99 Tales opened for bands like Deftones, Cake, Afghan Whigs, and Spoon. Rounding out the lineup was bassist Kim Martini, guitarist Sean Schroeder and Dave Hayes on drums – bringing a potent creative force to the band – with multiple layers contributing to their polished sound. With six full-length releases under the belt, 99 Tales leaves a musical legacy for future generations to explore, emulate, and enjoy.

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