Alt-RnB duo blakk.nostalgia is singer/songwriter Kristi and beat maker/producer KAMMM. After a random meeting through the internet the duo didn’t waste any time meshing their influences and crafting songs that are just as original as they are nostalgic. Kristi, originally from Ypsi, Michigan, and Phoenix, Arizona based KAMMM, quickly caught the attention of indie label Fervor Records. blakk.nostolgia soon found themselves with a record deal, paired with producer Will Prinzi, and recording their debut in Fervor’s Sunnyslope studios.

blakk.nostalgia – a name that looks more of a burner twitter account screen name than a traditional RnB moniker. However, the duo is content with being obscure in terms of identity but dynamic in musical range. Listeners are likely to know the band’s songs before they know them, but maybe that was all part of the plan. Either way, blakk.nostalgia is here to keep fans guessing and wanting more. blakk.nostalgia… Remixing sounds of the past to invent the new vibrations of the future.

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