Blue Shoes




Late 70’s Power Pop sensation, Blue Shoes were miles ahead of the curve when it came to their fusion of New Wave, Pop, and Punk. Their hugely popular regional radio hit “Better” showcased the emotionality and depth of co-founders DR Wilke and Peggy Murphy’s songwriting, vocal chops and musicianship. On the other end of the sonic spectrum, songs like “Tonight” illustrated the band’s high energy Pop sound. Blue Shoes not only packed bars and clubs throughout the Southwest, they also appealed to kids with TV performances on the iconic “Wallace & Ladmo Show.” With “Better” blaring from every radio in town, and their vinyl flying off record store shelves, audience demand quickly landed Blue Shoes on concert stages alongside acts such as Talking Heads, The Ramones and The Vapors. Capturing the true essence of the era, Blue Shoes’ amazing catalog continues to resonate with audiences today. Blue Shoes can be heard across film and television with ongoing featured song placements.


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