Craig Marsden




One listen to Flint, Michigan native Craig Marsden’s voice and you’ll quickly grasp how he become one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after studio vocalists. The gifted singer and guitarist also hit the road with acts including Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, and hugely popular early 70s Detroit Rock outfit Sonny Hugg. After spending the better part of the 1970s criss crossing the US, Craig settled in Los Angeles, playing venues as diverse as The Troubadour and the Los Angeles convention center… even winding up featured on the Jerry Lewis telethon. Craig’s overseas tours propelled his song “Other Girls” onto the charts in both France and Germany. Back in the states, Craig found success with his song “Victim of Love” on legendary LA radio station KLOS. Craig’s back catalog has now found a home at Fervor Records, where the label continues to place his amazing songs in such hit shows as “The Mindy Project” (FOX / HULU,) “Parenthood” (ABC) and “The Affair” (Showtime.)


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