Dexter Lee Moore

English musician, songwriter and vocalist Dexter Lee Moore cut his musical chops in the Yorkshire Moors gigging with the band The Riff Brothers. In 1977 Dexter travelled to Manchester, England to further his musical aspirations. Armed with his 1955 Hofner guitar, exceptional vocal skills, and members of his band The Riff Brothers, Dexter entered the renowned Strawberry Studios. Dexter and the boys laid down nine of his songs. The end result was a sophisticated fusion brilliantly showcasing his varied musical influences of singer/songwriter, rock, and jazz. With a sound reminiscent of early Steely Dan, Dexter Lee Moore was poised to catapult into the mainstream of Pop psyche. However, due to complications beyond the young artist’s control, his record never found release. 41 years later Fervor Records set out to change the course of history with the release of Dexter Lee Moore – Natural Progression.” Experience Dexter’s amazing legacy across Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and beyond.

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