Perhaps the most infamous first-wave Phoenix band of all time, Feederz were boundary-pushing, outrageous, and beautifully offensive. Like three earwigs (a favorite word of founding member Frank Discussion) looking for a place to lay their eggs, Feederz want nothing more than to infest your thoughts and actions by laying their brand of desert-soaked weirdo punk mastery on your ears. A product of the first wave of punk, Feederz were active in the west coast Punk Rock scene during the late 1970s and much of the 80s.

Discussion (vocals/guitar), Clear Bob (bassist Dan Clark/Johnny Macho from Exterminators), and DH Peligro (drums – also in the legendary Dead Kennedys) reunited in 2017 to give a needed re-birth to their socially and politically charged brand of Dadaist Punk. In addition to a number of now legendary singles, Feederz were also able to churn out three LPs during their career including the classic, “Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?” The band’s 2017 Slope Records release “WWHD” is available at SlopeRecords.com, with licensing handled exclusively by Fervor Records.

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