Boston based Frank McChristian’s 1970s body of work epitomized the happy-go-lucky, upbeat Pop movement established by icons such as Paul McCartney. In 1971, the talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist landed a development deal with Epic Records. He soon found himself at the renown Natural Sounds Studios in Maynard, MA laying down tracks, eager to parlay his career to the next level. Frank says, “My music is quirky. Like my personality, it’s idiosyncratic and you can always expect the unexpected. Yet, it’s also simple and straightforward. You can sing along with my stuff because I am a melodist first and foremost. But the element of surprise is almost always there to catch your ear off guard.” Ultimately Epic passed on Mr. McChristian but 48 years later Fervor Records is proud to be home to Frank’s incredible songs and recordings.

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