Harvey Truitt and Jack Miller

In 1969 veteran recording engineer Jack Miller (The Rolling Stones, Henry Mancini, The Monkees, Lee Hazlewood, The Limelighters, Duane Eddy) embarked on an electrifying project with composer Harvey Truitt. Miller had recently returned to Phoenix after a long, fruitful stint at RCA Studios in Los Angeles. Thrilled to be back at his old stomping grounds, the renowned Audio Recorders of Arizona, Miller & Truitt were hired to score a new feature film. The duo immediately got to work assembling an incredible roster of A-list musicians and hit the studio. They soon delivered the beautifully crafted opening and closing themes, as well as score for the soundtrack. Unfortunately, the filmmakers didn’t have quite the same tenacity as Harvey and Jack and the project never got off the ground. Sadly, the team’s fabulous work was quickly swept into the dustbin of musical history. All of this changed, however, in 2015 when Jack Miller stopped by Fervor Records’ headquarters and handed over a copy of these long forgotten gems to label heads David Hilker and Jeff Freundlich. Fervor instantly struck a deal and is thrilled to offer up The Harvey Truitt & Jack Miller Project: The Lost Soundtrack!

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