Patty Parker

As a student at John Brown University, Patty Parker joined the University’s vocal ensemble “The Harmonaires,” touring with the group nationwide. The stunning young singer was equally as gifted behind a set of drums, and soon landed a gig in former Teen Idol Frank Fara’s Country Music road show. Seeing how audiences reacted to Patty’s charismatic performances prompted Frank to rename his act “The Frank Fara Show featuring Patty Parker.” At this point, the band was quickly establishing themselves at major venues across the USA and Canada. The next natural progression was to get Patty in the recording studio. Parker was the first female to cover Ernest Tubb’s “Walking The Floor Over You.” And soon the lovely singer found herself in Nashville performing side by side with Ernest Tubb himself at his “Midnite Jamboree” radio show, which was broadcast nationally every Saturday night after “The Grand Ole Opry.”

Embracing the recording studio, and Nashville, Patty, and now husband Frank, transitioned out of non-stop touring and into the record business. The team launched Comstock Records in 1978. The label had an immediate charting hit in Canada with singer Alex Fraser. Soon Comstock was churning out singles with Patty producing. She was named “Music Row’s Favorite Independent Female Record Producer” by the legendary Music Row Magazine. Her success soon captured the attention of The Wall Street Journal which featured front page stories on Patty and Comstock Records in both US and European editions. CNN followed with a featured news story, and trade publications such as Songwriter’s Market ran features on the popular Nashville producer. Comstock’s phones were exploding, Patty was continually booked, and the label had charting hits around the globe.

Patty Parker is a groundbreaking talent, having forged the way for female producers in the male dominated era of the Nashville music business. Fervor Records is proud to have many recordings of Patty’s beautiful songs, along with dozens of her wonderfully produced Nashville singles from Comstock Records artists.

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