Phunklogistix are bum rushin’ the scene with their wall-to-wall party anthem vibe. Their tracks not only school your dome, but keep your rump shakin’ way past 3 AM. The group’s 3 song demo is sure to catch your ear, from the funky lo end, to rapper Tone Brown’s charismatic performances. Phunklogistix: the true purveyors of party rhetoric.

D. Mosis and Tone met in the summer of 1990 while slaving away at their 9-to-5’s. “Me and D. Mo are true team players,” says Tone. “We’re striving every day to become stronger and this year Phunklogistix is breakin’ necks.”

The Phunklogistix sound is derived from the conscious mixture of what D. Mosis refers to as “dirt and perseverance.” The constant struggle between what one might have to do to survive (dirt) and what one must do to succeed (perseverance). “We’ve all done some dirt in our lives,” D. Mo allows. “We’ve all been there, but there comes a time when we’ve got to turn it around and see ourselves for who we’ve become, and be who we really are.”

D. Mosis has no trouble being who he is; he’s already made his mark on the music industry by working with such artists as Ce Ce Penniston (A&M), Malaika (Zoo Entertainment), Meteorman Soundtrack (A&M), Truce (Strictly Rhythm), and Adina Howard.

Phunklogistix – Experience the Dirt & Perseverance.

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