New Haven, Connecticut’s 1960s Blues/Pysch Rock outfit Pulse rose from the ashes of two other popular area bands: The Shags and Bram Rigg Set. Both groups were managed by music entrepreneur, engineer, producer, label and studio owner Thomas “Doc” Cavalier. Cavalier also went by the moniker Trod Nossel and dubbed his recording studio and management company the same. Trod Nossel quickly inked Pulse to a record/management deal; and the sextet hit the studio with Cavalier behind the console. The result of their first studio effort, Can Can Girl b/w Bruitt Bradley, found release on ATCO Records in 1967.

In 1968, Pulse, comprised of Carl Donnell (vocals), Peter Neri (guitar, vocals), Paul Rosano (bass), Richard Bednarcyzrk (keyboards), Benet Segal (drums) and Jeffrey Potter (harmonica), followed the success of their debut release with their stunning self-titled full length LP. The record was released that same year, only this time on Trod Nossel’s label Poison Ring Records. Heavy, bluesy, fuzz-drenched late sixties Rock and Roll is what you’ll find on their nine song masterpiece. The music of Pulse is once again entering the social conscience of music fans world wide. Fervor Records is proud to be the exclusive home of Pulse and the incredible recordings of Trod Nossel.

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