Sandy Szigeti

In the mid 1960s, the young Los Angeles singer/songwriter Sandy Szigeti, hit the recording studio to lay down a handful of his social, and politically charged songs. The aspiring multi-talented artist continued to pursue his musical aspirations with relentless gigging and writing. He ultimately parlayed his talents into the formation of the LA based Hard Rock band Kindred, with David Bluefield and Bobby Cochran. The band quickly caught the attention of Three Dog Night’s Chuck Negron who landed the group a deal with Warner Bros. Records. However, as many a tale goes, Sandy had another creative vision. He left Kindred and was quickly inked to Decca Records as a solo artist. His 1971 release “America’s Sweetheart” was produced by superstar Ricky Nelson and featured the talents of Elvis Presley’s drummer Ron Tutt, icons Rita Coolidge and Doug Kershaw, along with many other A-list LA session players, including bassist Joe Osborn. The record garnered great critical acclaim but Sandy’s solo career never caught fire. In 2012 Szigeti’s back catalog came to the attention of Fervor Records. Quickly signing these wonderful works, the label released “Make The People Sing,” a retrospective of Sandy’s many recordings. The record successfully escalated the multi-talented artist’s overlooked gems into high profile film and television placements, proudly perpetuating the late great Sandy Szigeti’s creative vision.

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