Steve Knox

Los Angeles native Steve Knox has a long and storied musical career. His amazing journey took him from the legendary stages and recording studios of the music Mecca of Los Angeles to prestigious gigs in top venues in London, England. Throughout the late 1970s Steve, his guitar, and captivating songs became a fixture at LA venues including The Troubadour, and The Bla Bla Café. Steve’s compelling live shows, and superb songwriting, landed him in LA’s legendary RCA Studios. Surrounded by some of the finest session players Los Angeles had to offer, Steve laid down many of his best songs. In 1978, Steve’s hard work paid off with the opportunity to travel to London for gigs at The Roundhouse Theatre. At the time, the biggest US acts were banging on the door to get a show at the prestigious Roundhouse, but it was Steve Knox who held down shows at the venue. Fervor Records is now home to many of the amazing recordings Steve laid down at RCA Studios. Steve Knox’ music personifies the era representing the great singer/songwriter scene in Los Angeles in the late 70s.

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