The Souls

John Shine, Rich Lauro, Tom Kobus and Jack Raczka connected as they gigged in various bands throughout Staten Island in the 1960s. They soon formed a group they dubbed The Souls. In 1963 the band caught the attention of FGG Productions, home of the hit songwriting/production team Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein, and Richard Gottehrer. FGG was riding high on their hit “My Boyfriend’s Back” by The Angels.

The Souls were now cutting their teeth as studio musicians in the FGG Studios on 54th street in NYC. The boys would play on songs all day, but took the golden opportunity to record some of their original tunes between sessions. In 1964 Feldman, Goldstein, and Gottehrer formed The Strangeloves and The Souls served as their backing band. FGG struck gold once again with The Strangeloves’ “I Want Candy.” The FGG magic continued with The McCoys’ “Hang On Sloopy.” And who do you suppose were the guys on the record? That’s right… The Souls! The band was still performing live and were well known for their electrifying stage show. When it came time for The Strangeloves to hit the road in support of their hit records, FGG sent The Souls out to tour AS The Strangeloves, even signing autographs on behalf of the band.

After spending years on the road, the band was ready to get back to the studio; but this time they opened their opened their own facility. Originally dubbed Rahway Sound, and eventually renamed Arcade Sound, The Souls continued to crank out recordings. Much of that music now resides at Fervor Records where it continues to resonate throughout films, TV shows, ad campaigns and beyond.

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