The Wild Thymes




What happens when you let the inmates run the asylum? Well, in 1966, Charlie Gearheart got the keys to legendary Phoenix-based studio, Audio Recorders of Arizona for a series of late night psychotropic-induced sessions. Together with Phil Knisely, Richie Metzendorf, Ray Trainer, Mike Condello and a host of other talented musicians, the psychedelic outfit The Wild Thymes was born. And the result was perfection. Drawing on the recording techniques and sounds heard on Revolver and Rubber Soul, The Wild Thymes wrote and recorded some amazing songs and also gave their take on a few of their favorite covers. Shockingly their efforts never found release. However, the long lost sessions were finally unearthed in the archives of Audio Recorders of Arizona owner Floyd Ramsey. In 2022 the collection was lovingly issued by John P. Dixon on the late Floyd Ramsey’s Ramco Records. Fervor Records has been home to Ramco since 2007.


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