7 Things You Need To Know About Tarik NuClothes

1. Fashion Forward Hip Hop

Queens, NY emcee Tarik NuClothes is blindingly vivid and lives to live while looking good; he is carefree with intention and exemplifies fashion-forward hip hop.  Signed to boutique label Fervor Records in 2010, Tarik leapt out of the gates with flying colors.

Leaning toward the bright side, his image reflects an ‘in the moment’ sort of sentiment.  His music, a mixture of party anthems and reflective wisdom, also embodies the ‘carpe diem’ message: be confident and make the most of the good things around you.

NuClothes, the moniker itself, is an obvious reference to that unmistakable feeling of self-assurance one gets with new threads; and as the album title’s namesake Emperor’s NuClothes infers, people will see whatever is projected, so why not be awesome?

Tarik NuClothes, photo by David Perez


2.  Tarik NuClothes + John Costello = New Zona

Part of what distinguishes NuClothes’ signature crossover sound is the juxtaposition of the slick and groovy classic East Coast hip hop with the thumping desert beats fashioned by Phoenix-based producer John Costello.

With a bit of both New York and Arizona in the mix, the air of old-school style and the freshness of unbridled individualism come together, conveying a sense of reinvention and self-actualization..essentially a ‘new zone’ of oneself; or ‘New Zona’ as Tarik says in his Performer Mag interview.

Costello, pictured below, is not only an acclaimed multi-genre producer (whose recent successes include international smooth jazz sensation Greg Anderson with his release Blue Ocean), but he is also a highly credited film/television composer, a label founder, and an active performing artist/bandleader that has done extensive touring, including various trips to entertain US troops abroad.

John Costello, producer of Emperor’s NuClothes


3.  Tarik is Blowin’ Up Your TV

When Spike’s Blue Mountain State began last fall, the sexy co-ed program embraced Tarik NuClothes’ deep album cut “Pimp Cup”, from the yet-to-be released Emperor’s NuClothes debut album.  Also around that time, a variety of special unreleased NuClothes tracks were played on several episodes of the CW’s America’s Next Top Model.

The album single, “Bubble Shaker” also made the cut for TV, being featured on a March episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore.  Lookout for another MTV pairing in November, as the single will make an appearance on an upcoming new adult cartoon, Good Vibes, following the relaunch of Beavis and Butthead.


4.  Bubble Shaker Video and MTV

When Tarik NuClothes’ music video for his debut single “Bubble Shaker” hit MTV and its affiliates earlier this year (VH1, Spike, MTVHive, etc.), it jumped to the front page charts on MTV.com in just a few hours, quickly garnering the highest ratings, views, comments and shares by the MTV community.

Shot by director Nick Morrison at the One On One bar in NYC, the gleaming video makes the most of the hi-def Red One camera that was used, capturing the sheen of the dancers’ spandex, as well as the larger-than-life spectrum of colors, bubbles and glitter that abound in the footage.  Choreographed by hip-hop dance guru La Jon, “Bubble Shaker” also features a celeb cameo by dynamic electronic pop artist Raye 6 (girl with the yellow gloves).

You can see an extra high quality version on Tarik’s YouTube channel, or stream it straight from MTV.com.  Download for keeps on iTunes here.

Tarik NuClothes close-up from “Bubble Shaker” video, dir. by Nick Morrison


Tarik NuClothes and the ‘bubble girls’ in the official “Bubble Shaker” video, by dir. Nick Morrison


Raye 6 (middle) doing a cameo in Tarik NuClothes’ “Bubble Shaker” video, dir. by Nick Morrison


5.  Masters in Assology

After an initial viewing of the video for the single “Bubble Shaker”, it should be clear that Tarik NuClothes really is an authority on certain ‘assets’.  This behind the scenes interview from Porcupine Studios in AZ sheds a bit more light on the topic..(click image to play).


6.  Performer Magazine calls Tarik “Hip Hop’s Neon Phoenix”

Boston, MA-based Performer Magazine has proven to be a pillar of the tastemaker community for sometime, distributing nationally in specific music-centric markets.  It was only a year and a half ago that they featured an up-and-coming Janelle Monae, now a major force to be reckoned with.  When they reached out to Tarik NuClothes for a spotlight, the world found out he was more than just an assologist.

Digging beneath the surface, journalist Taylor Haag uncovered the spiritual wisdom and deep-seeded philosophies that have not only driven Tarik’s work, but also manifest themselves in surprisingly accessible ways.  What may seem like a shallow display of bling is actually powerful psychological reinvention; a way to be one’s best and inspire others to take life by the horns.

Performer Magazine June 2011; article by Taylor Haag, photo by David Perez


7.  Seducing Audiences Coast to Coast, Free MP3 From Emperor’s NuClothes Now!

Tarik NuClothes’ full length album Emperor’s NuClothes is available most anywhere.  Get it on iTunesSpotify, Last FM, Amazon, or at live shows if you can catch one.

The selected performances Tarik handpicked to support his release have all been met with gushing reviews, as his hurricane of charisma enraptures crowds from the moment he hits the stage.  With a solid hypeman at his side, the undeniable force of Tarik NuClothes is making the rounds and may blow into your neighborhood anyday now.

In the meantime, sign the mailing list and get a FREE MP3

So shake it, bubble girls, shake shake that bubble shaker.  Spread the word, spread it wide!

Tarik NuClothes, live at Phoenix’s Rhythm Room, photo by Whitney Blair Kobey

www.tariknuclothes.com / www.fervor-records.com





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