Super Stereo Featured Pick On Cadence Revolution

Super Stereo’s high energy show isn’t the only thing that gets fans dancing.  Straight up listening to the tracks on the album will surely raise anyone’s heart rate, even when sitting in traffic.  Word is definitely getting around, because now the electro-pop space cadets’ single Life Passed Me By is the featured track on Cadence Revolution’s homepage.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cadence Revolution, it’s an innovative organization that specializes in creating targeted, timed workout mixes for the active citizen.  There are 30, 60, and 90 minute music compilations for cardio workouts, as well as coaching tracks to keep you motivated and on top of your game.  The company is set up as a membership service and provides a fun and practical array of choices for a variety of exercise objectives.  They make a fresh mix of music each week and make a point to showcase the recording artists as much as they can.  Very cool, guys!

This is not the first time Super Stereo’s been embraced by sweat enthusiasts.  A few months ago, workout goddess Lacey Stone handpicked the same track to include in her coveted comp, amongst such heavy hitters as Britney Spears, J. Lo and Janet.  So whether you need an extra kick in your routine or you just like to dance alone in your living room, get a copy of This Is Futurepop on iTunes now, or come to a live show and get a disc autographed by T herself.


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