Andy Gerold Talks With Songfacts About New Album With Jared Woosley

(R) Andy Gerold on recent Marilyn Manson tour

Andy Gerold, who’s spent a lot of time in recent years touring as Marilyn Manson’s bassist, has also managed to write, record and release a new album with longtime musical partner Jared Woosley (Fivespeed/Giantkiller).  The two worked together in a popular hard rock band My Darling Murder, and have now created Picking Up The Pieces (Fervor Records, 2012), an elegantly executed angst-ridden exploration of the human condition.

While Gerold brings his fine-tuned dark industrial alt-metal compositions to the table, lyricist Woosley draws on his own experience and passions throughout the full-length release; from his obsession with WWII history, to the harsh realities of global suffering, to the sudden tragic loss of loved ones.

Gerold recently sat down with to discuss yet another project he’s involved in called Rock of Ages.  About halfway through the interview, they begin to chat about the new release, Picking Up The Pieces, and cover everything from the Gerold-Woosley musical partnership, to the stories behind the songs. As Gerold says, “ can dig pretty deep into the lyrics and they’re all pretty dark.”

Hear the single “Work Sets You Free” (inspired by the gates of a WWII concentration camp) on the Fervor Soundcloud page.

Check out the entire new album on iTunes here.

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