Real World St. Thomas Pumps Super Stereo, MTV Offers Free Download This Week

The Real World, MTV’s flagship show, is now in its 27th season and still going strong.  Since the all-music station single-handedly launched the reality show era in the 1990’s, it’s proven not to be fad after all.  The current edition is The Real World: St. Thomas which will not only be featuring Fervor Records Electro band Super Stereo in next week’s episode, but will also give away a free MP3 of the song on for a week.

Though avid video fans lament that MTV has strayed from its roots, the diverse network is continuing to reach eager audiences with new music flowing throughout the dramatic programming and aiding listeners in finding it through their online presence.

On the ‘Highlights’ tab of the official show web page, viewers can discover what music they heard in each episode.  But MTV’s Soundtrack Blog offers users an actual download of those featured tracks for 7 days after they air.

Yesterday, July 18th, Super Stereo’s track “Dance” (This Is Futurepop), was in MTV’s The Real World: St. Thomas episode 4.  The upbeat Jamiroquai-esque cut will be available to everyone for free until next Wednesday (July 25th).

MTV Soundtrack Blog featuring Super Stereo

Learn more about Super Stereo and Fervor Records here.

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