Fervor Artists Fayuca and Super Stereo Rock KWSS-FM Awards

Phoenix’s only independent radio station KWSS-FM held their first annual ‘Rock Local Awards’ at the end of 2011, celebrating the best-of-the-best on the highly active local music scene.  The broadcasting staff have traditionally been huge proponents of the community and regularly spotlight Arizona talent amongst iconic radio hits.

Fervor Records, who are also passionate about preserving and promoting Arizona artistry, has worked closely with the indie station in launching bands to a national level and have several artists in the airplay database.

For a little over a year, KWSS has been tabulating daily fan requests, culminating in what they call ‘homegrown hits’ on their morning show, TMI.  Bands that consistently make the “TMI Top 5” end up in heavy rotation and may be included in the end-of-year list.

This year, in that awkward week between Christmas and New Year’s, the KWSS team (led by morning host Beef Vegan) sent out secret ballots to esteemed ‘tastemaker’ judges (promoters, music journalists, venue and record shop owners, etc) to cast their votes from the list of local ‘chart topping’ nominees.

Two artists on the Fervor label were nominated in different categories, Fayuca (best reggae song) and Super Stereo (best dance song), and they both took home the win!

Fervor Records says they are “proud to not only be part of a winning team, but also a strong community with integrity (and good taste).”

Who else won? Check here on the TMI Blog

Hear the original broadcast with special guest presenter Kevin Nealon

Stream KWSS! In real time, online at www.kwss.org

See Super Stereo’s official MTV video for the winning dance song “Life Passed Me By”

Fayuca (best reggae song)

Super Stereo (best dance song)



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