KPNX News Interviews Blue Shoes Guitarist and Fervor Records Owners

On Tuesday, NBC’s Parenthood aired a new episode featuring three AZ bands from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  That sort of national spotlight on local talent is thanks to Fervor Records, who regularly supplies Hollywood studios with music for TV/films/advertisements, and more often than not it’s of artists from their own community.

One of the vintage tracks heard in the Parenthood episode (312) was Blue Shoes’ “Startin’ The Day With A Song”, a bit of a punky new wave anthem.  Songwriter/guitarist/co-founder of the group D.R. Wilke, now spends his days composing and recording music for tv and film and often works with Fervor to produce new up and coming artists from the area.

With so many layers of state heritage to celebrate (nipping at the heels of the upcoming Arizona centennial) KPNX Channel 12 News had to get involved.

KPNX Channel 12’s Bryan West sat down with Fervor Records CEO David Hilker, President Jeff Freundlich, and D.R. Wilke of Blue Shoes to discuss the impact of television on the music industry and how a business like Fervor Records can thrive in the desert.

See the full segment here

See Blue Shoes perform “Startin’ The Day With A Song”

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