Fervor Ends Up In The Driftless Area

The Driftless Area & Vintage Country album coverDebuting at NYC’s Tribeca Film Fest is director Zachary Sluser’s neo-noir dark romantic drama-comedy The Driftless Area. The film stars Zooey Deschanel and Aubrey Plaza. Also in on the action is Fervor Records, who lent some classic mid-century Country singles to the soundtrack. 1959’s Don’t Hold Her So Close by Bob Cox, Sanford Clark’s 1967 Ramco Records’ 45 The Big Lie, and from Country great Dick Flood, 1967’s Sure Gets Dark When The Sun Goes Down and 1971’s Livin’ In The Lonely Zone. Be on the lookout for The Driftless Area and listen to Country legend Sanford Clark on iTunes  and/or Spotify.

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