The Wannabe & Fervor Hit Tribeca

Mob thriller The Wannabe, starring Patricia Arquette, Michael Imperioli and Doug E. Doug, debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. The Wannabe scrounged through Fervor’s stash of vintage vinyl and kept these greats to stick in the film: Mike Murray’s 1962 moody reverb drenched gem Hangin’, Roosevelt Nettles 1962 single for Chess Records Drifting Heart, two 1968 Soul Classics from The Soul Blenders – My Girl’s A Soul Girl and Blending Soul, and finally Carl Coccomo’s endearing 1952 bi-lingual duet Marry Only Me (Spose Solo E Me). Be on the lookout for The Wannabe and check out Roosevelt Nettles on iTunes

The Wannabe tile Mascot Records Retrospective Vol 2 - thumb size

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