Fervor Execs Weigh In On Whitney Houston and The Grammys on KPNX News

Jeff Freundlich (L) and John Costello (R) with 12 News Today Anchor Syleste Rodriguez (photo by Jen Costello)

Monday morning was a busy day for journalists, as the news of Sunday night’s Grammy winners spread, more somber stories were surfacing on the untimely death of an icon.  Fervor Records execs Jeff Freundlich and John Costello joined Syleste Rodriguez in the KPNX studios to discuss the awards show and the shocking news of Whitney Houston’s passing.

Jeff Freundlich, President of Fervor Records, not only runs the operation on a day-to-day basis, but also composes and performs music for TV and Film.  His business partner John Costello, whose TV/Film composition credits are too numerous to mention, is most well-known as a producer of hip-hop, R&B and pop for MTV acts like Tarik NuClothes.  He has also released critically acclaimed albums as an artist himself.

During the segment (originally scheduled to recap the 54th Annual Grammys) the successful record label owners chatted about Houston’s legacy and how she changed the industry forever as an unrivaled pop star.  As a company that’s been active in the global music community for over 22 years, Fervor’s unique insight on the topic was welcomed by the Channel 12 staff and viewers.

The six-time Grammy winner will always be remembered for her excellence, as is evident in the clips used of her stunning early 90’s Super Bowl performance.  The 12 News Today team also touched on whether or not she was about to make a comeback with a new film and album due out soon, which was met with differing opinions from Freundlich and Costello.

KPNX is the NBC affiliate in the Phoenix metro-area, and has worked with Fervor Records before.  In December, the two entities joined forces to discuss a popular NBC prime time drama (Parenthood) that featured several recordings from the local label in one episode, all by Arizona musicians.



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