Hans Olson’s Hard Time In Justified

Blues-man extraordinaire Hans Olson comes from the Sonoran desert of Arizona, and in his music one can almost taste the dry heat and desperation of the washed out landscape.  What better fit for a deadly dusty western series like FX’s Justified?

This is not the first time Fervor and FX have danced this duel, and probably won’t be the last (an earlier episode tapped the Fervor Vintage Masters catalog with a cut from The Revenants’ Black Cadillacs).

But this time, in episode 305 of Justified, it’s Hans Olson’s title track from the Fervor Records release Hard Time that will be featured.  It airs on Valentine’s day, which also happens to be Arizona’s 100th birthday.

So tune in to FX tomorrow night, February 14, 2012, and catch the Arizona blues legend singing his low-down song, Hard Time (available on iTunes) just in time for the centennial celebration.

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