NBC’s Bent Features Triplett Twins’ Pretty Please

Amanda Peet stars in NBC’s newest romantic comedy series, Bent, playing a stoic lawyer and recent divorcee who’s hired a questionable contractor to rebuild her kitchen.  His reputation as a womanizer precedes him, and she is left struggling to deflect his advances while balancing her rigid work schedule and role as a single mom.

In episode 104 (aired 3/28/12), Fervor Records Vintage Masters The Triplett Twins offer up a delicious soul track that fits the premise so very well.  Their 1970 cut Pretty Please, is an upbeat plea for a crush to give in to the romance at hand.

Hear Levi and Leon Triplett sing “Pretty please with sugar on top! Baby give me that love you got!” in recent episode A-Game (currently streaming on NBC.com/bent).

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Hear the full track Pretty Please


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