The Finder Detects Tarik NuClothes Tonight On Fox

Fox’s newest detective show, The Finder, offers a quirky alternative vibe to the uber-popular crime and investigation programming arena.  Still in it’s first season, episode 108 airs tonight and features a deep cut by Fervor’s own Tarik NuClothes.

The track, which was released last year on his debut album Emperor’s NuClothes, is a hard-hitting club sing-along with heavily produced kung-fu undertones.  The musical kick-in-the-face should be fairly prominent in tonight’s episode, with over 2 minutes of airtime behind the new prime-time hit.

Tune in tonight, Thursday March 8th, to Fox at 9/8c and catch a taste of ‘Hip Hop’s Neon Phoenix’, as NuClothes was dubbed by Performer Magazine.

Check out Tarik’s scandalous uncut video for single Bubble Shaker which ranked on the top of the charts last year on

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