Quintessential 80’s Glam Tracks Released From Jailhouse Last Week

Once the toast of Sunset Strip, Hollywood glam rockers Jailhouse sold over 400,000 records in the late 80’s without the help of a major label. With full-page spreads in Rolling Stone rival Circus Magazine, Jailhouse were a towering aquanet force to be reckoned with.  Now Fervor Records has put out a tasty collection of the songs that put them on the map.

Having come on the scene at the peak of the ‘Glam and Sleaze’ era with their breakout EP Alive In A Mad World, Jailhouse’s big hair and knee-bending guitar solos rocketed them right to the top.

As guitarist/songwriter Michael Raphael said in a Coyote Music interview, “That was a different time.  Back then it was more about the image.  Jailhouse wasn’t Poison, but we were about the image. Music then [in the glam metal era of the 80’s] was a whole different world.  The look was so important.  But the music was big in that band, too.”

Jailhouse, whose primary lineup included members of heavy metal band Ratt and Rough Cutt (Matt Thorne and Amir Derakh), was active from about 1988-1991.  Derakh went on to form Orgy, and founding member Michael Raphael eventually formed Neve.

Their videos for title track “Please Come Back” and “Modern Girl” (Enigma Records) dominated MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball in its heyday and are still in heavy rotation on the VH1 Classics reel.

Now digitally remastered and available on iTunes, Jailhouse’s Please Come Back features 7 time-capsule tracks of sickening-sweet 80’s glam rock for your headbanging pleasure.

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