Super Stereo Going Back Into The Lab

It’s been a year since Super Stereo threw their record deal signing party at the Rhythm Room, and what a year it’s been.  It’s time for a little reflection as the band looks to the future of Futurepop, following one more big show tomorrow.

It started with a major MTV video filmed in NYC, then they made the cover of Echo Mag.  As their video climbed and stayed in the top of the MTV charts, PM Nightly and the gang were becoming ubiquitous on the live music circuit.

Pretty soon, multiple songs from their debut record This Is Futurepop aired on major TV shows (i.e. Parks and Recreation, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real L Word, Bones, and Rizzoli and Isles).  Then, for the entire back-to-school season, the video for Super Stereo’s single “Life Passed Me By” was playing every hour in juniors’ departments of Macy’s across the U.S.

After a highly active few months, including a recent performance at the annual Rainbows Festival in Phoenix, there is only one more official show on the calendar, and it’s tomorrow night at the ASU Downtown Civic Space, circa 9pm.

GLBT organization One In Ten is putting on a benefit for suicide prevention and Super Stereo will be there to help raise awareness.  After that, the band is looking forward to prepping a new show for the die-hard fans and should be announcing special one-off sneak peeks through the end of the year.

Stay informed about show dates and happenings on the band’s website, or join SuperU to have updates delivered directly to your inbox.  Also, they’re on facebook.

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