Tarik NuClothes Featured Interview On RapReviews.com

RapReviews.com, an online destination for all things rap, has been steadily generating and archiving content on artists, new releases, industry trends and more for the last 12 years; aiming to be “the internet’s definitive resource for any rap album, EVER”.

Recently, journalist Adam Bernard sat down with Fervor Records’ hip-hop artist Tarik NuClothes to get down to the nitty gritty.  Tackling tough topics like NuClothes’ choice to shift from being an underground socio-political emcee to a light-hearted club rapper, Adam B got to straight to the heart of the matter and broke down that ‘Bubble Shaker‘ box.

Check out the featured interview on RapReviews.com, and if you’re on Twitter, get connected and stay tuned for a #RapReviews contest with #TeamNuClothes!

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