Super Stereo Keeps Kardashians Up Tonight

Tune in tonight (9/4/11) to the E! network and catch the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, featuring not one, not two, but three songs by Super Stereo.  Kim, Khloe and the gang endure their usual drama on the popular reality series, but this time with the fierce beats of futurepop underscoring their tantrums.

At 10pm (EST), the Tempe-based electro-pop group will be vibing up the lavish household montages tonight with Live To Learn, Distant Star, and Life Passed Me By, all from the Fervor Records release This Is Futurepop.

Check out the official MTV video for the single Life Passed Me By or get a copy of the full album (with all three featured tracks) on iTunes.


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