Super Stereo Streaming In Your Local Spot

Fervor Records astro-fueled ‘futurepop’ band Super Stereo has not only landed their craft on the vast array of MTV networks, but also on video screens across the nation in little bars, clubs, and even bowling alleys.  So wherever your local gang hangs, the discofunktastic sounds of Super Stereo will no doubt be entering your atmosphere sooner than later.

Music video distributor Screenplay has recently taken on the uber hi-def RedOne video of electro-dance single Life Passed Me By, and will soon be streaming it coast to coast.  Directed by Nick Morrison of Astronaut/RGB2 and shot in New York City, the montage of live footage and behind-the-scenes band antics features classic skyline-showcasing rooftops and legendary dive bars in Brooklyn.  The storyline of love lost through time and space includes scenes with up and coming model/actress Daphne Eve Fernberger.

Get your own copy of the video for your library of backround footage at parties on iTunes now, or just check it out on the band’s YouTube channel.  It can also be viewed on their artist page on

Manhattan at Sunset, a still from the Super Stereo video shoot by Dir. Nick Morrison.


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